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Beth Israel Congregation


2015 - 2018 Strategic Plan
Approved by Board of Directors 5/21/2015

Mission / Vission / Values / Goals
I. Outreach and Inclusion
II. Youth Religious School
III. Lifelong Education and Activities
IV. Worship, Shabbat, Holidays
V. Congregational Leadership
VI. Facilities Maintenance and Capital Improvements
VII. Synagogue Operations and Finance

V. Congregational Leadership

Ensure strong lay and professional leadership who advance the Congregation's mission and carry out the Strategic Plan.

  1. Maintain an active and effective board of trustees who reflect the diversity of the Congregation.
    1. Identify effective means for board member recruitment.
    2. Prepare and circulate annual slate of candidates for board and officers.
    3. Conduct annual meeting:
      1. Approve annual budget.
      2. Elect board members and officers.
      3. Review progress and achievement and present updated Strategic Plan.
    4. Review bylaws and consider revisions to align with Strategic Plan.
    5. Hire and oversee performance of synagogue employees and contractors.
    6. Implement an annual board self-reflection and act on opportunities to make board service more productive, enjoyable, rewarding.
  2. Engage spiritual leaders who reflect the mission, vision and values of the Congregation and will enable us to revitalize and grow our Jewish community.
    1. Implement a board process to assess current leadership and resources in light of the values, goals and implementation steps adopted in this Strategic Plan.
    2. Consider options for spiritual leadership in the broader Maine Jewish community and greater New England region.
    3. Consider options through Jewish denominational movements and institutions regionally and nationally.
    4. Develop a leadership plan and timeline consistent with findings and available resources.
Important Qualities of Spiritual Leadership
  • Inspiring and inclusive across Jewish backgrounds, levels and types of knowledge and practice.
  • Able to reach out and engage people of all ages and backgrounds, excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Welcoming, inclusive of interfaith families, LGBTQ people and those of varied races and ethnic backgrounds.
  • "There for me and my family in times of joy and times of need."
  • An organizer of programming and source of innovative ideas.
  • Open, interested and able to lead or engage diverse forms of worship and observance.
  • Strong lifelong Jewish educator, able to engage children and families.
  • Able to lead relevant, intellectually stimulating study that connects Torah to our daily lives.
  • Able to engage and facilitate strongly diverse viewpoints on important issues.
  • Able to forge strong relationships with community partners, i.e. Bowdoin, other Jewish institutions