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Beth Israel Congregation


2015 - 2018 Strategic Plan
Approved by Board of Directors 5/21/2015

Mission / Vission / Values / Goals
I. Outreach and Inclusion
II. Youth Religious School
III. Lifelong Education and Activities
IV. Worship, Shabbat, Holidays
V. Congregational Leadership
VI. Facilities Maintenance and Capital Improvements
VII. Synagogue Operations and Finance

VII. Synagogue Operations and Finance

Develop and maintain the institutional, administrative and financial resources that will allow the Congregation to carry out the Strategic Plan and strengthen our foundation for the future.

  1. Affiliation
    1. Consider affiliation with a Jewish denominational movement or other Jewish organization to support the achievement of the overall goals of the Strategic Plan.
    2. Create a Task Force to evaluate resources and collaboration opportunities available through affiliation or connection with Hebrew College, United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism, Union for Reform Judaism, Jewish Reconstructionist Communities, and the Jewish Renewal movement.
      1. Engage in discussions with membership and/or outreach representatives.
      2. Invite representatives to present a program to the Beth Israel community.
      3. Task force to recommend whether to affiliate or otherwise collaborate with one or more groups.
  2. Administrative Support
    1. Consider hiring one or more part time employees to assist with bookkeeping, volunteer coordination, communications, and other needs.
  3. Technology and Social Media
    1. Refresh the website and determine other social media for the Congregation to reach a broad geographic and demographic segment of the Mid-coast community.
    2. Implement ongoing updates of website and social media with new events, photos, blogs, videos, and Jewish resources.
    3. Develop and maintain a congregation database to facilitate administrative functions and to identify and connect congregants with complementary needs or interests.
  4. Gift Shop
    1. Evaluate and enhance the function of the gift shop as an income-generating service to members.
    2. Consider ways to improve the display presentation and location of gift shop.
  5. Budget, Investments and Fundraising
    1. Develop a multiyear congregation budget to support operations and implement the Strategic Plan.
      • Provide to congregants periodic updates of budget expenditures and financial status.
    2. Create a written investment policy to govern fund investments going forward, ensuring appropriate strategies that balance risk and reward and confirming the process for monitoring investment results.
      • Evaluate current investments and make adjustments as warranted.
    3. Continue current dues structure with family, single, student, and age-related categories.
      • Consider dues increases.
    4. Enhance current fundraising practices and consider an annual fundraising event, annual fund, and major and planned gift programs to meet future budgetary needs.
    5. Develop a plan for a capital campaign to support and enhance facilities improvements, to increase the endowment, and to address other congregational needs, as identified.
  6. Create operating plans and update the strategic plan annually.