Celebrities Whose Rhinoplasty Was A Fiasco

Cosmetic surgery is common among people. Whether in Hollywood, many celebrities give in to the knife every year. However, with the progress made in the discipline, it is sometimes difficult to detect the stars who have used it. The ones we are going to present to you have undergone minimal operations, practically imperceptible to the naked eye.

Perhaps because, generally, the operation is not necessarily discreet and is seen as the nose in the middle of the figure, the rhinoplasty of the stars rarely goes unnoticed.

If some have tried to ignore the operation, others are proud to have reshaped this part of their anatomy and loudly proclaim their pride for their new appendix.

Alas, not all celebrities are satisfied with the result. Even the best plastic surgeons cannot guarantee the good result of this operation.

We decided to tell you about seven celebrities whose rhinoplasty has failed.

Tori Spelling

The star of the popular 90s television series “Beverly Hills” decided to use plastic surgery for the first time at the age of 16. However, scars and bumps have appeared on Tori’s nose. The actress did not dare to correct the result via other surgeries. She, therefore, lives today with an uneven and asymmetrical nose.

Patrick Dempsey

Unlike other celebrities on this list, it was a broken nose that gave him the proverbial right to do this operation. Unfortunately, it was broken during a hockey game. However, Patrick’s nose was even more asymmetrical and distinctive after the surgery.

Michael Jackson

Despite all the modern advances in the beauty industry, the “King of Pop” will forever remain one of the leading examples of the abuse of plastic surgery. Michael’s nose became thinner and thinner after each rhinoplasty.

Jennifer gray

The rhinoplasty of the star of “Dirty Dancing” has not really been a failure. On the contrary, his nose has become neater. However, the actress was then no longer recognized by her fans or even her acquaintances. Her career declined after her operation, and she hasn’t had any major roles since.

Courtney love

Kurt Cobain’s widow never tried to hide her plastic surgeries. Courtney underwent his first rhinoplasty in the 1980s to refine his nose, but then it became less symmetrical. She has since had other surgeries, but the asymmetry is still there.

Joan Rivers

The famous TV presenter and actress took on her appearance with great humor. Joan never hid her many plastic surgeries and did not hesitate to laugh about them. However, not all operations were successful. Her rhinoplasty twisted her nasal crest and made her nostrils asymmetrical.

Janet Jackson 

The singer and actress followed the example of her brother and developed a passion for plastic surgery. Janet’s nose became too small after yet another operation, giving her an artificial look. Not all plastic surgeries will improve your appearance. In some cases, they can permanently disfigure you, and even if the operation goes well, the latter can deprive you of your individuality.